Active Learning

Jeffrey Lantis is an internationally recognized leader in active teaching and learning innovations. Lantis currently serves as Chair of the International Studies Association (ISA) Innovative Pedagogy Conference program, and he organizes and leads conferences for teacher-scholars across the United States. As past President of the Active Learning in International Affairs (ALIAS) Section of the ISA (2003-2004), Lantis has also published extensively on pedagogical innovations. He will serve as co-editor of an ISA journal dedicated to the scholarship of teaching and learning, International Studies Perspectives, from 2020-2025.

In 2010, Lantis was honored as co-recipient (with Matthew Krain and Kent Kille) of the Deborah J. Gerner Innovative Teaching Award in International Studies, the highest award for pedagogy bestowed by the International Studies Association (ISA). From 2010-2012, Lantis served on the Program Committee for the American Political Science Association’s Annual Teaching and Learning Conference.

     With Krain and Kille, Lantis has also designed and led Active Teaching and Learning Workshops at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia; The University of Rosario, Bogota, Colombia; Moscow State Institute for International Relations, Russia (MGIMO-University); and the Institute for International Relations, University of Brasilia. Workshop sessions addressed the philosophy behind active teaching and learning and techniques including role-playing simulations, structured debates, case studies, policy-making exercises, the use of Internet technology, and teaching with film.  These workshops helped to establish larger communities of teacher-scholars in international studies from institutions across Russia, Australia, and Latin America.



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